Urgent Care Clinics: Top Three Thanksgiving Injuries to Watch Out For

Whether you stuff the turkey or deep-fry it for Thanksgiving dinner, only one thing is for sure. According to the steep rise of visits to urgent care centers in Bridgewater during this holiday, the tradition of preparing, cooking, and eating Thanksgiving dinner causes many injuries. With that in mind, it’s helpful to know the top three causes of Thanksgiving injuries so you’ll be prepared for any mishap. Continue reading

3 Causes of Swimmer’s Ear Revealed by Bridgewater Urgent Care Clinics

Arete Aquatic Services provides a variety of training and related services to athletes and amateurs, including but not limited to master training, swimming camps and a super-skills clinic. Swimming camps are organized every month to make sure aspiring swimmers get the opportunity to display and improve their skills. However, swimmers need to be careful of a wide range of swimming infections, one of which is swimmer’s ear.

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