Local Urgent Care Shares Tips for Safe Holiday Decorating from the Roof

Nothing says your house is ready for the “most wonderful time of the year” more than a string of Christmas lights illuminating the trim of your house or yard. Indeed, homeowners are fond of making their properties stand out from all of their neighbors’ displays by upping their design game year after year.

Standard holiday lights are no longer enough. There are augmentations aplenty, including dancing lights that flash in accordance to musical rhythms. Such displays are a show all in themselves, but not without many hours of hard work.

Whether you are upping your game this year or resting on your laurels, do not forget to heed these safety tips for holiday decorating on the roof, courtesy of local Bridgewater urgent care centers.

Holiday Decorating

Envision Your Design

Envisioning your design before beginning is much safer than improvising as you are on the roof, especially when you are wielding excess equipment, decorations or tools.

Hanging Christmas lights can also be tricky, especially if your house features a lot of eaves and corners. Inspect the area beforehand to determine if you will need any special tools or equipment to hang the display correctly.

Wear Safety Gear

Wearing the proper work attire can help keep you safe as you work on the roof or on its edge. Wear shoes with good traction to help keep you from sliding off the roof. Work gloves help protect your hands from nicks caused by twigs or branches, burns from sun-drenched surfaces and cuts from sharp-edged tools.

Wearing a utility belt is incredibly more comfortable, convenient and safer than juggling your tools as you climb up the roof or sticking them in pant pockets not made for their bulk. Such a belt also keeps you from having to put tools down on the roof, thus preventing clutter that can cause a possible stumble from the roof.

Work with Help

Some love the feeling of doing their handiwork all by themselves, but it is really a lot safer to work in tandem with someone who can steady your ladder, relay tools or materials to you, and summon help if you end up experiencing an accident. Just make sure your assistant knows where the nearest walk-in clinic in Bridgewater, such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, is located. By heeding these safety tips, your holidays should be free of such concerns. 

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