Urgent Care Clinics: Top Three Thanksgiving Injuries to Watch Out For

Whether you stuff the turkey or deep-fry it for Thanksgiving dinner, only one thing is for sure. According to the steep rise of visits to urgent care centers in Bridgewater during this holiday, the tradition of preparing, cooking, and eating Thanksgiving dinner causes many injuries. With that in mind, it’s helpful to know the top three causes of Thanksgiving injuries so you’ll be prepared for any mishap.

three thanksgiving injuries


As any cook knows, it’s inevitable to a get a few painful burns when you’re constantly handling hot pots and pans. Yet more serious ones, such as second and third-degree burns from deep-fryer spills, can put the festivities to a halt pretty quickly.

Therefore, anyone tasked with preparing Thanksgiving dinner should be extra careful. Avoid wearing loose clothes that can catch fire. Make the kitchen a kid-and-pet-free zone to reduce the risks of mishaps. Never fill the deep-fryer with oil to the brim, and ensure that every ingredient to be fried is thawed or dry to prevent too much splatter. Handle hot ovens with care. Finally, keep a fire extinguisher close by to put out any fires that might erupt.


Carving a turkey is a must on every Thanksgiving table, but a mistake can send someone to urgent care. In addition, the sheer number of dishes to be prepared means you’ll be cutting and chopping for the better part of food preparation.

Ensure your safety by focusing on the task at hand. Carve slowly when it comes time for the turkey. Keep all knives very sharp since a dull knife increases the risk for slipping. Finally, only allow experienced individuals work with cutting tools to lower the risk of accidents.

Digestive Problems

The turkey is not the only one full of stuffing on Thanksgiving. Many people will be over stuffed with good food and drinks. Unfortunately, this can make one vulnerable to digestive problems. Eating too fast and too quickly can cause heartburn, which consists of chest pain and difficulty breathing.

Eat slowly so you can savor your food better. It’s also a great idea to take a break in between courses. Finally, drink water after each alcoholic drink to avoid dehydration.

While Thanksgiving may rank high in the list of holiday injuries, being aware of what can happen and taking proper precautions should keep you and your guests safe. However, there’s no surefire way of preventing accidents, so should one happen, go to a walk in clinic in Bridgewater, such as U.S. HealthWorks, for immediate treatment.

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