Urgent Care in Bridgewater Advisory: How to Survive a Honey Bee Attack

If summer fun for you mainly consists of hiking and camping, then the campgrounds of Jugtown Mountain in New Jersey might be perfect for you. With their vast, pristine land atop this beautiful mountain, the campgrounds are famous for historic sites, walking trails, and meadowlands. It is truly a nature lover’s dream vacation spot.

However, its rich flora is also home to a number of honey bee colonies, which can be quite aggressive when protecting their home. According to studies conducted by various urgent care facilities in Bridgewater, bee, wasp, and hornet stings kill almost 58 Americans every year – mostly due to severe allergic reaction to their stings.

honey bee attack

What are the best ways to protect yourself from bee attacks?

Bees, in general, are non-aggressive. They won’t bother you as long as you don’t threaten their nest or colony. However, as summer is the season in which bees create a large amount of honey, they are usually more active in areas where flowers are abundant for their daily nectar collection.

If you are out camping, avoid wearing colognes and perfumes or washing with scented soap. The goal is to avoid smelling like a flower that will entice bees. Also, don’t wear bright, floral clothing, as bees are also attracted to vivid colors.

What to do if you are being attacked by bees?

Sometimes, you just have the bad luck to find yourself in a situation where you come in contact with a swarm of bees. If this happens, you should leave the area as quickly as possible. Don’t make the mistake of standing still and trying to swat the bees, as it’ll aggravate them more. It will also give time for the swarm to potentially grow.

Get into a nearby shelter or car as quickly as you can. Honey bees are known to be relentless and can chase you for half a mile before giving up the pursuit.

Also, don’t attempt to hide from an angry swarm by diving into the nearest pool of water. Honeybees are smart; they actually know that you’ll eventually have to emerge from the water to breathe and will wait for you.

Once you have escaped the swarm, seek medical attention at the nearest Bridgewater walk-in clinic immediately if you were stung. You might not be allergic to bee stings, but you may still want some relief from the pain.


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