Tips for Safer Autumn Chores to Avoid Visiting a Walk-In Clinic

It’s the autumn season once more. The air is crisp and the leaves have turned a beautiful blend of orange and brown, and are falling from the trees. Not too many people look forward to raking, mostly because it entails labor that can be exhausting and, not to mention, pain-inducing.

Autumn Chores

Uncomplicated Chore

Raking leaves is not complicated at all. What causes individuals to dislike it is the fact that the task demands physical labor. It’s not intense, but cumulatively all the twisting, bending, and reaching that you must do to rake leaves can lead to back strain and sore muscles.

While the chore itself tends to be blamed for the pain, more often than not it’s actually your posture that’s causing you the discomfort. A Bridgewater urgent care center offers some tips on how to mitigate your chances of getting an injury while taking on this task.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You may not realize it, but your footwear does have a huge impact on your overall comfort and posture. For raking leaves around your home, wear flat shoes with cushioned soles. Having your feet firmly planted on the ground should help you gain better balance.

Have Proper Posture

With the right shoes, it is easy to have proper posture, which then helps reduce the strain and pain on your lower back. As for your stance, stand with your legs hip-width apart. This also helps redistribute the weight to both your sides. Thus, you won’t end up favoring one leg over the other.

Stretch Beforehand

It’s not swimming or running, but just the same, you will be relying heavily on your muscles to get this job done. If they are tight and sore, you’ll have to exert more effort, which could only lead to further injury or damage. However, if the muscles are sufficiently warmed and loosened up, there will not be as much resistance, and your movements will be more fluid and relaxed.

However, you may inadvertently twist sharply from your waist and feel pain. If it doesn’t subside after a good night’s rest, as well as after using fast relief techniques like hot and cold compress, you should go to a walk in clinic in Bridgewater, such as U.S. HealthWorks.

Remember: do not attempt to self-diagnose and self-medicate. You’ll need to go to medical professionals for accurate treatment and a walk in clinic is where you can find the help you need. 

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